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Happy Wednesday! Today, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit on the blog. It’s my 34th birthday today, and I’d like to share something that I’ve been struggling with for a few months now. Today, I enter a new year of life. I’m 34!!! 34 years young. Yikes! I’m sitting here, and thinking about so many things – my accomplishments, am I doing meaningful things, am I closer to where I want to be, etc… So many questions, and yet, not enough answers. I’ve decided to be completely transparent with you guys and share what I’ve been feeling as of late. Afterall, life’s not all about pretty backdrops and outfits.

Gosh, where do I begin!?! Life for me lately has been a roller coaster of emotions. I often question, is there something wrong with me? Am I suffering from depression? Anxiety? I find myself crying on a drop of a dime lately. And when people ask me, what’s wrong? My response always seems to be – I don’t know. To be honest, when I take a step back and look at my life, it’s a good one. I have a supportive husband, two wonderful children, a job, home, great family/friends, and most importantly, good health. I know what you’re thinking, what’s there to be sad, or down about? I really can’t put my finger on it, one minute I’m happy, and the next minute, I’m sad. Could I be suffering from depression, anxiety? Sometimes I feel angry and anxious. It’s to the point that I want to crawl out of my own skin. I’ve been toying around with the idea of a solo trip, think along the lines of an – Eat, Love, Pray – trip.

Have any of you ever struggled this way? If so, do you have any suggestions for overcoming these emotions? I’m trying to really be honest with myself and hone all my emotions. I honestly don’t even know what the next step should be, just that this isn’t healthy for me.

I do know that I am extremely blessed to see another year of life. And I Thank you Jesus! So much!

I have so much to be thankful for on all levels but would like to share some of the professional highlights:

They are constant reminders that starting this blog was one of the best decisions I made for myself.  I’m a work in progress and will continue to fight for me.

I’d like to thank you all in advance for sharing your stories with me. Any suggestions on ways to crawl out of this current funk? Is it a funk? Is Mercury still in Retrograde?

Lets end this on a positive note – Thank you all for taking the time out to read this post. And for the constant love and support! I am extremely grateful. Please help me celebrate my birthday! Shots shots shots!!!




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Quote of the day: To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; To make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength. – Criss Jammi

Sincerely 💋 Danelix,


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